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Previously listed for 6 months - Jamie sold for full price cash in 2 days

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I'm Jamie West a Real Estate Broker and member of National Association of Expert Advisors, I'm going share the truth with you.

The average real estate agent is overpaid, under- skilled and lacks the knowledge to rightfully earned thousands of dollars of your equity. In fact, after I explain you will be convinced that hiring an average agent to sell your home again could potentially be devastating. Selling your home is a business. Unfortunately, more than 90% of agents will fail at helping you achieve your objectives and cost you thousands of dollars along the way.

When it comes to selling your largest asset it’s prudent for you to consider all of your options before you make your decision.   Your goal should be to increase the equity you walk away with when you sell your home, even if you’ve already tried to sell it once without success.

The National Association of Expert Advisors conducted a nationwide study that revealed a proven, repeatable system to sell your home for up to 18% more money then the methods of traditional real estate agents. It is based on the seven Laws and the one hundred and fifteen variables that are managed.

Performance & Satisfaction Guarantees

risk free to hire Us and We hold Ourselves accountable

seller satisfaction guarantees

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Seller Update guarantee

There's a difference in Agents, services they provide and the RESULTS

Choosing the WRONG agent costs you valuable time, money and possibly no sale at all.

Why 69% of home owners don't use the same agent

3 mistakes to avoid when listing your home for sale

3 Mistakes to Avoid

Percentage of listed homes SOLD vs. Expired

4% of asking price on an average home = $9,600!

Based on a Median price in Hillsborough County of $240,000

Percentage of asking price to selling price


What We Do Different

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Sell for More

Learn how our system can net you up to 18% more money in your pocket and how we sell homes faster than the average days on market.


Who hires West Real Estate Group?

In general, here are the people who most frequently hire West Real Estate Group and why…


Why?  Because their businesses are “Teams”, so they understand and appreciate Jamie West’s Team System. Those people are accustomed to bringing people who play different, specialized roles together as a team, and know that to be the most productive approach to complex situations – rather than having one person trying to juggle all the balls, wear all the hats. They know from their own experience that no one person can be good at everything.




Why?  They quickly recognize the superiority of West Real Estate Group’s sophisticated System for selling homes as quickly as possible, for top dollar. They have the background and experience to understand the power of the multi-media, multi-step System that Jamie has perfected. They see, quite simply, that West Real Estate Group using Jamie’s System does more things simultaneously to get their home sold.


Why?  Like the executives, they are thoroughly familiar with the benefits of a Team Approach.  It is the way they work all the time. They understand that without a good team in place things can fall through the cracks.




Why?  Because Jamie West’s System features methods of marketing and selling their homes that minimizes their involvement and inconvenience. We make sure every buyer is pre qualified and can afford the home before showing so you don’t waste time preparing the house for a buyer that couldn’t buy it anyway. Most agents just show the home to any buyer who wants to see it.


Why? Most successful people have become expert in what they do, in their occupation, profession or business. They have not had the time or inclination to also become expert in finance, investments, real estate law. They do not want a rookie or a part time dabbler handling one of the most significant financial transactions of their lives. They want someone supervising every aspect of the sale of their home, an expert with many years of successful experience. 




Why? Jamie tends to attract the client who wants it done right the first time. That’s because Jamie sells 96% of the homes she lists – compared to the average agents low 60%. If you hire the wrong agent, after weeks or even months go by without your home being sold, you have to get rid of that agent and start all over again with a new agent. Many sellers go through three before getting their home finally sold – and then they tend to compromise their price severely. The homeowner who is determined to get it right the first time compares Jamie’s track record to others, and makes the obvious choice.

The 4 big reasons

To ask West Real Estate Group to sell your home for you

Jamie West and her team will get your home sold fast. That’s not an empty promise or braggadocio. It is a fact. In the hot markets or slow markets, in every part of the Bay area, West Real Estate Group's selling speed is legendary.

We will sell Your Home FAST!

“Jamie got me multiple offers the first day on the market. I accepted an above price offer on my condo. We had an approval on the short sale in 31 days. I will definitely refer her to friends and use her for my next Real Estate transaction.” -Mr. Bianca



We will Sell Your Home For TOP DOLLAR!

 “Jamie got me a full price cash offer on my investment- condo hotel. In this market and having to schedule showings around short term tenants I was very happy. We had a short sale approval in just over 30 days!-Mrs. Coats

We will have less HASSLES!

“I didn’t have a printer or fax so Jamie made things easy on me and was able to stop by with paperwork for me to sign. With my schedule it would have been a nightmare trying to get her all of the short sale paperwork needed. I ended up selling above the asking price and getting the short sale done so I could move on with my life.”-Mrs. Harris



Your home sale is SAFE!

“My condo was under contract in 27 days and sold for above the asking price. I had a cash buyer so closing was fast and hassle free. This was my first sale so Jamie made sure I knew what to expect along the way”-Dr. Whelton

Certifications & designations

Certified negotiation expert

Interactive experience to elevate our game. Examined all types of negotiation formats and methods to play the game to win. A full spectrum of tools, techniques and advantages so that we can provide effective results to our clients.

Seller representative specialist

The premier credential in seller representation.  It is designed to elevate professional standards and enhance personal performance.  The designation is awarded by the Real Estate Business Institute to agents who meet specific educational and practical experience.

Certified pricing strategy advisor

Determining property values depends more than ever on professional expertise and competence, the best use of technology, and approaching the pricing assignment from various perspectives. 

Staged homes sell for 10% more on average

Jamie West, HSA certified Professional Home Stager & Redesigner

Real Estate Broker/Owner

Dedicated to helping sellers achieve the highest price and sell fast Jamie West became a Certified Professional Home Stager Redesigner. We don't just list your home for sale we help you prepare it for sale before it hits the market.

Seller's Guide

Things to Consider When Selling Your House


Getting the Most Money - Lack of Inventory – What’s Happening in the housing market? – Great news about rising interest rates. – Where are rates headed?
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